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CPKN is continually growing its inventory of tools that assist our clients in costing e-learning solutions. Please check back often as new information will be added on a regular basis.

Pricing Calculator

CPKN's pricing calculator is designed to help client organizations quickly and easily determine their eligibility for discounts on the purchase of training courseware.

Users can simply select a course(s), plug in the number of total sworn officers and the number of learners to be registered to the course to view potential discounts. It also provides the licensing price so users can compare all available pricing options.

Click here to view the calculator:

For additional information or confirmation of pricing,please contact CPKN at 1-866-357-2756 or support@cpkn.ca .


Business Cases

CPKN encourages police services to share information relevant to their online training initiatives with the police community at large.

>> London Police Service Efficiencies Review (January 2013)
The London Police Service reviews time and money saved on three of its mandatory blended learning initiatives.

>> Ottawa Police Service SAP Training Review (January 2010)
The Ottawa Police Service outlines options and recommendations for Suspect Apprehension Pursuit re-certification.



CPKN 2012 Research Results Summary

In 2012, CPKN concluded two major research initiatives. Funded by the Police Sector Council and the Canadian Police Research Centre, respectively, these studies were designed to evaluate the impact of CPKN e-learning on Canadian police and first responders.

>> View a Summary of Results for these studies.