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New Releases

Investigating Fraud Perpetrated through Interac e-Transfer
Produced by Interac, this module outlines some fraudulent uses of e-Transfer, how consumers can protect themselves from these types of crimes, and information that can be used in the investigation of an e-Transfer crime.

First On Scene: Dealing with a Potential Homicide
Created by Toronto Police Service, this course explores the roles, responsibilities, and key considerations for police officers attending the scene of a potential homicide.

Recognition and Response to People Having Seizures
This course is designed to assist officers in recognizing a potential seizure event. In addition to reviewing the most common types of seizures, it provides video examples of what they look like and appropriate first aid responses.

Financial Crimes and the Road Forward
Developed in partnership with the Canadian Bankers Association, this course explores several prevalent financial crimes including identity theft, payment card fraud, and cheque fraud.

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