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Suicide Awareness and Prevention
This course will help members of the police and first responder community recognize the factors associated with suicide and how to support mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Also available: Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Supervisors

E-Comm Radio Recurrent Training
Designed for members of the BC public safety sector, this course covers a variety of topics including coverage zones, agencies that use the Network, radio modes, factors affecting radio coverage, and best practices for getting the most from a portable radio.

RCMP Local Registration Authority
Outside of Ontario, police agencies that require PKI services from the RCMP must have a certified Local Registration Authority. This course is mandatory training for individuals seeking LRA certification.

Criminal Justice Information Management (CJIM)
This course introduces users to CJIM, providing instruction on how to access and navigate the system, update offender information and charges, and submit dispositions in compliance with Canadian legislation and CCRTIS business rules.

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